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All Alive - Atmosphere Stacker

All Alive - Atmosphere Stacker

Wooden Earth atmosphere structure stacker - Waldorf inspired toy with totally unique author's personal design and realization.

The product clearly shows a structure of Earth atmosphere
Consists of:
- Earth
- Troposphere
- Stratosphere
- Mesosphere
- Thermosphere
- Exosphere

Size is about 30*15*4.5 cm - 12*6*1.5 inches
Weights about 700 grams, 1.7 pounds.
For very young kids it's just beautiful natural wood pieces, pleasant for touch, sight and hearing. For older ones it's a studying material, a stocker, elements for construction, assembly, balancing, towers, and many other things. 

For adults, there may still be a requisite for telling a fairy tales ...
It will be also an amazing decor in your house, restaurant, kindergarten and school.
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