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Glückskäfer Red 8 Piece Arch House

Glückskäfer Red 8 Piece Arch House

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This Arch house in fiery shades of red and orange has eight curved elements for stacking and nesting in all sorts of creative ways. It would also make a sweet little dwelling for little fairies, dwarfs and pixies. This beautiful and versatile stacking toy is fun to stack and looks wonderful on display on the playroom shelf.

The ‘colourful shapes’ range by Glückskäfer are painted with water-based colours and left unlacquered to bring out the original characteristics of the wood to ensure that the grain shows through. The surface of the blocks and pieces feel a little rough making them less slippery and easier to stack. This also ensures a sensory rich experience for the child. Glückskäfer toys are beautifully crafted following Waldorf and Montessori philosophies that encourage children to discover creative play independently.

Measures 19cm x 7cm x 14cm

Suitable for 2+ years

Sensory toy: grip, tripod grip, gross motor skills, coordination, problem-solving

Schematic play: Enveloping and positioning schema.

Timeless toy designs made from natural materials and waterbased colour stains that allow the grain of the wood to show through increasing the feeling of connection to the natural world. Glückskäfer work with midwifes and child educators to help design their toys and have a strong focus on early child development. Materials are carefully chosen to be environmentally friendly and tactile.  We love the beautiful colours and classic styles. 

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