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Stockmar 16 Wax Blocks Tin

Stockmar 16 Wax Blocks Tin


The practical and beautiful tin case contains 16 different coloured wax colouring blocks. Wax colouring blocks are, along with wax crayons, the classics in Waldorf kindergarten and Waldorf school when it comes to first painting, drawing and writing.

Because of their excellent painting qualities and their harmlessness to health they are also suitable for the smallest children.

As the beautiful blocks meet the highest educational and artistic demands, they are an essential part of the school's needs for the Waldorf School, can be used in every Waldorf Kindergarten and of course can also be used creatively and in many different ways at home.

The wax crayons have a pleasant beeswax scent and through their bright colours they appeal to the child's senses in many ways. In the sense of the basics of Waldorf education they enable the children to paint and experience colour freely, which is not limited to exact outlines and shapes, but allows an imaginative immersion in colours and forms.

As they are already suitable for the smallest children, but due to the variety in artistic use they also offer older children interesting possibilities in expression and design, the wax colouring blocks can be a long lasting companion in the creative activities of the children. Matching the wax colouring blocks we offer different, beautiful rolling folders.


Contents: 16 blocks in a tin case incl. scraper. 01 carmine red, 02 vermilion, 03 orange, 04 golden yellow, 05 lemon yellow, 06 yellow green, 07 green, 08 blue green, 09 blue, 10 ultramarine blue, 11 blue violet, 12 red violet, 13 red brown, 14 yellow brown, 15 black and 16 white. "spiel gut" excellent.


Dimensions: 4.1 x 2.3 x 1.2 cm

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