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Cosilana Warm Wool Jacket

Cosilana Warm Wool Jacket


Soft, warm, fleeced Merino wool is the gentlest fabric for your baby or toddler - the organic cotton adds durability making it durable enough for outdoor wear, flexible for the wriggliest child and water and dirt resistant too. Great for squishing into slings and comfortable for the pram, and good for exploring hills and gardens too.

  • Well made and cosy, with little wooden buttons.
  • a wool fleece coat creates a light, comfortable insulating layer - even when damp!
  • Unlike polyester, this wool coat will allow skin to breathe, absorbing moisture from the skin and keeping your baby comfortable.


Care ;

This garment can be hand washed warm or machine washed on a 30C wool wash. Use a detergent designed for wool which protects and replenishes wool's natural oils as sold in our fabric care category here. Air-dry naturally avoiding direct heat. So, hanging on a drying rack over the bath is good, or on a clothes horse. Mine often end up over the back of chairs or on the washing line in the shade (I haven't had a problem with the the heat of the English being too hot, yet, but direct sunlight is not good for wool). Re-shape while still damp.

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