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Sarah's Silks Playsilks

Sarah's Silks Playsilks



Sarah’s Silks Playsilks – one of the best open ended toys around.  

Give one to a child and be amazed at how many different ways it will be used in their imaginative play. The silk is beautifully floaty and the the light flows through the silks in a dreamlike way. For play, for dressing up, for the season / nature table – for playing peekaboo, for wrapping presents furoshiki style.

Spread on the floor to make a lake or field, tie on a stick and wave as a flag. Use a a baby doll sling. Tie between two chairs for a dolls hammock. Drape over a Play Frame for a den. Wrap around your waist as a skirt – tie around neck as a cape, fasten on wrists for wings! Add to bath time for a magical floaty silk + water experience. Really, your own imagination is your limit with playsilks!

Available in 18 colours. Made in USA.

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